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Welcome thoughts and an interview with Encampment Commander, Lt. Col Day. Click here to view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1qqCF0B95k

Graduation is July 16, 2017! 

Lt. Col Demyonovich's Interview


Lt.Col Demyanovich is this year’s Encampment Cadet training wing Commander. She has been working very hard to prepare for this year’s Encampment. We interviewed her on day one and asked a few questions about Encampment.

Q: How did the cadre plan for Encampment? Most cadre have had hundreds of hours of training that they rely on to help teach others during Encampment.

Q: Was the most difficult part in preparing the staff for Encampment? Coordinating with all the staff is a big job. We set goals, fulfill assigned tasks and learn from our mistakes.

Q: What is your favorite part of Encampment? My favorite part of Encampment is being able to contribute to the growth of the students and cadre and watching them succeed with each new challenge.

Q: Lt.Col Demyanovich was, what were some key changes made this year? We are accommodating a larger number of cadets and by having more executive cadre we are able to better serve and be prepared to receive incoming cadets.

Day 4---VAWG Encampment 2017

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