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Senior Members

- We need you! Please click the link below to get your name on the mailing list and to express interest in serving - you do not have to serve the entire week, any amount of time is appreciated. We will have further details concerning registration in the future. 




Please follow the steps below to electronically generate your required medical forms for encampment.  Please use the links provided to create your forms, do not submit any old or handwritten forms.

  1. Step One: Activity Application

    a. Complete the online application - CLICK HERE.
    If you are from Virginia Wing proceed to step 2, a CAPF 17 is not needed
    If you are from outside Virginia Wing, upon submitting the application you should be emailed a PDF copy of your CAPF 17 within 24 hours.  If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder first, then email for assistance.
    i. Please review the information on the PDF copy of your CAPF 60-81 that you receive for accuracy.
    Obtain required signatures: you will be required to obtain your squadron commander, group (if applicable), and wing commander signatures.

  2. Step Two: Medical Forms (CAPF 160 and 161)

    a. Once you submit the application in step 1, you should also receive a second email with a link to complete your medical forms.  
    b. Upon submission, you should be emailed a PDF copy of each medical form within 24 hours.
    c. If you do not receive the email with the link, or do not receive your forms, please check your spam folder first, then email for assistance.

  3. Step Three: Form Upload

    a. CLICK HERE to access the upload form.
    i. Each form must be in a PDF or photo format to be uploaded.
    ii. Each form must be uploaded individually.
    iii. Forms that are multiple pages must be uploaded as a single file.
    iv. Must be use a Google account to access the form. It does not have to be a VAWG account. The form does not record the account used to upload the files.

  4. Step Four: Payment

    a. Once all your forms have been received and we have validated you have been approved to attend a link to Eventbrite will be sent to you via email to complete your payment.
    b. Pay your fee for encampment ($50).