Virginia Wing Encampment Guidance on COVID19 Response

Executive Summary

SITUATION: In tandem with Virginia Wing’s guidance on COVID-19, the encampment executive staff in coordination with the Virginia Wing command staff is making decisions to hold activities and train based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), federal, and state guidance. 

ENCAMPMENT COMMANDER’S STATEMENT: We are still planning on holding the Virginia Wing Encampment this summer.  An encampment to be proud of, an encampment of self discovery and growth. Encampment is a leadership lab where all are given the opportunity to utilize skills learned during training to overcome new challenges. The cadre and senior staff have accepted our first challenge, the challenge of planning all the aspects of an encampment without the traditional benefit of face to face meetings. They are utilizing new tools and developing the skills to accomplish this virtually.  We ask you all to adapt this same mind set and remain flexible as we move forward and update you periodically. Semper Gumby!  


  1. Virginia Wing is evaluating options to reschedule the 2020 Summer Encampment. The new dates and potentially new location will be announced once further arrangements are made.

  2. The staff training weekend scheduled for 29 - 31 May will not be held in-person. Encampment staff should keep the May 30 and 31st open for virtual meetings.  Times will be announced closer to the dates as we continue to develop and update our training plan. 

  3. Senior member staff and cadet cadre should continue to collaborate and meet virtually planning on their own schedule at this time.  If anyone needs help with setting up virtual meetings please contact Maj McCabe or Maj Bixler.

  4. Members attending encampment from out of state will be permitted unless otherwise directed by an executive order. 

  5. If the summer encampment is cancelled, all applicants will be notified via email and the process for committing to the new dates or refund instructions will be given then. 

  6. Students and cadet cadre are free to withdraw their attendance at any time. They should contact to coordinate their cancellation. 

  7. Student registration is still currently open for the summer encampment. We have received 156 applications and have confirmed 70 students at this time. Prospective students are encouraged to complete all steps in the application process to confirm their slot. 

Click here for Virginia Wing’s Guidance on COVID-19 Response. 

updated 7 May 2020, jdb