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Are You Ready for VAWG Encampment 2018?

As one of the largest Encampment's in the South East region of Civil Air Patrol, Va Wing Encampment will have over 400+ students and CADRE from Va Wing, NC Wing, Ala Wing, SC Wing and Maryland Wing this year!  Students, CADRE and Senior staff come together for 8 days to learn about leadership, teamwork, flight, character development, mentorship, the importance of physical fitness and a host of team building challenges. You can follow our adventures here at VAWG on Facebook and on VAWG on Instagram.

Need Packing List Info?

Please see important updated information on the Student packing list on the sidebar under "Packing Lists." Now is a great time to look over your gear and make sure everything is in working order. You can also check out graduation info, maps and directions to Fort Pickett in the sidebar. We are so excited to meet and see everyone and look forward to next week! Semper Vigilans!

Encampment 2018
EST2 is THIS weekend!
May 18th-20th 2018
Need some directions and details for EST2?

Where: Fort Pickett, Blackstone VA (Directions can be found here and a map can be found here.)
When: May 18th-20th 
Arrive: Between 1800-2000 Friday Evening (unless otherwise approved)
Uniform for Arrival: BDU's/ABUS (Or Corporate for Seniors)
Packing List: A copy of the packing list can be found here.
Food: Meals will be provided during the duration of the event, but food will NOT be provided Friday Evening, so please eat before you arrive.
Schedule: A Schedule of the event can be found here.

As always, feel free to contact C/Col John Sharp at (434) 907-2996 if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing everyone at EST2!

Encampment 2018
For Apr 14th or Apr 21st 2018
Please Choose Only One Date to Attend.
You Are Not Required to Attend Both Dates

Where: EST1 will be held at Virginia Wing Headquarters. Directions can be found here.

Either Saturday April 14th OR Saturday April 21st (Whichever date works best for you as indicated on the Google Form you filled out last week).

Arrive: Between 0800 and 0930 Uniform: Inspection ready BDU’s or ABU's. (Seniors may also wear Corporate.)

What to Bring:   Paper, pen/pencil, and something to write on (i.e. clipboard, binder, notebook, etc.). Some of the activities will require you to record information and not every activity will have tables available.

Food: Lunch will be provided, but you will need to provide your own breakfast before you come and dinner after you leave.

Thank you very much everyone for being patient!  As a reminder, each of these dates will be a 1 day long event and if you cannot make either of them, I completely understand and we will be sure to make up RST at EST2.

VAWG Encampment
2018 Registration is FULL!
Attention CAP cadets interested in attending Encampment 2018 for the first time! Registration is officially OPEN! Please go to the following link and be sure to read ALL of the opening registration page. A lot of information is there that will answer most of your initial questions. Take a few minutes to read through it. For additional questions, send us an email!
To Register for Va Wing’s Encampment 2018 Please Follow These Links:

PLEASE NOTE that in order to receive an Encampment 2018 slot you must:
1. Complete the online registration form found at: https://enc18.eventbrite.com
2. Send in your completed CAPFs 31, 160, 161, and (if applicable) 163. Directions are on the opening page of the registration form.
3. Either make payment online, send in a check (directions are on the opening page of the registration form - see, I wasn't kidding there is a lot of important information there), or indicate on your online registration that you are applying for a scholarship.

The Virginia Wing Encampment has gone to a waiting list for the last four years. We anticipate we will do the same this year. So talk to your parents/guardians and Deputy Commander for Cadet Programs and make sure you are ready to apply - and get those registrations in!

If you are in need of Financial Assistance for Encampment 2018:

The National Cadet Encampment Assistance Program scholarship site is now open.
More information can be found at https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/.../cadets/newcadet/ceap/

If you would like to apply for a Virginia Wing Scholarship as well, please follow this link for more information:

For any questions regarding Va Wing Encampment 2018, please contact enc-da@vawg.cap.gov

Please Welcome Major Charles "Chuck" Beeson as the 2018 Va Wing Encampment Commander

Are you able to support the 2018 Virginia Wing Encampment? See important details below!
  • SENIOR MEMBERS - We need you! Please follow the link below to get your name on the mailing list and to express interest in serving - you do not have to serve the entire week, any amount of time is appreciated.
  • SENIOR MEMBER INTEREST SURVEY - follow this link.
  • CADET EXECUTIVE STAFF APPLICATIONS - are no longer being accepted.
  • CADET CADRE - Cadre applications are no longer being accepted.

Key Dates:
  • 27-28 January 2018 - Cadet Cadre Selection Exercise (Joint Base Langley-Eustis)
  • 23-25 March 2018 - Encampment Staff Training Weekend 1 (Fort Pickett)
  • 18-20 May 2018 - Encampment Staff Training Weekend 2 (Fort Pickett)
  • 24 June - 1 July 2018 - Encampment 2018 (Fort Pickett)

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