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ENC 2018 Graduation Info

Encampment 2018 Graduation Information

 Graduation will be held on Sunday, 1 July 2018 at 12 noon. 

More details on Encampment Graduation will be published on this website and distributed via email.

Fort Pickett Stadium Instructions:

 As you come through the Main gate, you will proceed down Military Rd. Please be advised that everyone in your vehicle over the age of 18 will require identification. The stadium will be a right turn off Military. We will have the turn marked for you.

 Please be advised that the stadium is an open field area with very little shade. You are encouraged to bring sunscreen and/or umbrellas if you are so inclined. The seating is limited, so you might want to consider bringing a camp-style folding chair to be more comfortable.

Graduation march on begins at 12:00 pm and because of this, traffic into the area will be stopped at 11:45 am. You are welcome to arrive as early as 10:00 am. 

 After graduation, the cadets will be marched back up the hill and will have to sign out. .Once they have signed out, they will be able to pick up their gear and go home with you. PLEASE do not let them leave with you until they have signed out. 

 We are enjoying this time with your cadets and can't wait for you to see the incredible leaders they are turning into!