2d Lt. John Riordan 

Lt. John Riordan has attended three encampments; two as a training officer and one as a leadership officer. Lt. Riordan has watched his three children in CAP go through a total of nine encampments. Lt. Riordan’s favorite parts of Encampment are taking his boots off at the end of a long successful day and watching cadets celebrating their accomplishments at the end of the week banquet. During the week of Encampment, you will find Lt. Riordan leading many activities. Outside of CAP, Lt. Riordan, does leadership development training and team building for organizations. Fun fact: Lt. Riordan’s favorite food is gumballs-specifically the purple ones.

Leadership Team OIC: C/1st Lt Cory Moon

C/1st Lt Grace Flanagan 

C/CMSgt Cornelia Fassero