Encampment Logistics Officer, Capt. Theodore Warnock began his CAP service with the Coastal Composite Squadron in Virginia Beach in 2011. Ted’s career path following 4 years in the U.S. Air Force has predominantly been in managerial or leadership positions. The past 18 plus years, Ted has been serving in non-clergy positions as a United Methodist Missionary for special projects. These projects have encompassed oversight of landmine removal in Mozambique, trained persons to manufacture and build with compressed earth and cement blocks, facilitated and created the development of  health boards in Africa, and provided oversight of world-wide humanitarian relief supplies around the world. In addition to being a CAP Transport Mission Pilot, Ted received his Master’s rating while serving as the Squadron’s AE Officer and currently is serving as assistant AE and assistant Safety Officer. In preparation for actual and real life missions, he holds qualifications and SET training in several areas. Ted also volunteers at his church of worship on committees and with home repairs. With regards to expectations of Cadets, he expects (with proper and understandable instruction) that all tasks assigned will become the Cadet’s own personal goal or objective to accomplish. To paraphrase Nelson Mandela “sometimes leaving is leading too”. That is, know when to step aside (resign, leave, take another position, etc.) and provide others a similar opportunity to excel and succeed.

C/Capt. Justin Sweat

C/CMSgt Acacia Dickens