Project Officers

Special Project OIC. C/2nd Lt. Micheal Matthews
C/2d Lt Matthews has been a member of the Southside Composite Squadron for over four years. During this time he has attended two student encampments, served in five different staff positions in his squadron, and attended RCLS. His favorite part of C.A.P. is the “Leadership Laboratory” where he loves to both learn more himself and help others achieve their goals. Outside of C.A.P (if there is such a thing?) he enjoys going on long walks, riding his bike, and playing the occasional video game.

C/Capt Matthew Bell
C/Capt. Matthew Bell is from Lynchburg Composite Squadron where he currently serves as the Officer Flight Commander. He is a high school senior and expects to graduate in the fall of 2017. His passions include piano, public speaking, and travel adventures. Some of his notable achievements within CAP include completing a flight solo, escorting foreign IACE cadets throughout VAWG, and having over 1300 community service hours to his name.This summer he will be pursuing a private pilot's license. He is employed part-time as a semester for Blue Ridge Overland Gear where he designs and manufactures tactical equipment. Captain Bell has been a member of CAP for almost 6 years, and looks forward to his 5th consecutive VAWG encampment this summer.

C/CMSgt Lukas Nevarr
Chief Master Sergeant Nevarr is from Prince William Composite Squadron, and has been a dedicated member of the Civil Air Patrol for four years, serving in various capacities.  After joining, his interests were drawn to O-Rides, drill and leadership which quickly grew to become his favorite aspects of the program. During his climb to Chief he led several different flights as flight sergeant.  He recently graduated from high school after pursuing his private pilot's license, and possesses a deep appreciation of and love for business economics and entrepreneurship.  As member of the special projects group at encampment, his primary goals are to be flexible, perseverant and an asset to his team and the students.

C/SSgt Seth Hatfield
C/SSgt Seth Hatfield is from Prince William Composite Squadron, where he is an element leader and a member of the color guard. Sgt. Hatfield has been in CAP for several years and has been to two encampments, first as a student in 2015, and then as a DSO in 2016. Sgt. Hatfield is a dual enrollment student at Northern Virginia Community college, where he is finishing his senior year of high school. Outside of CAP, Seth enjoys drawing, playing guitar and piano, hiking, and working on various projects.