Public Affairs

Encampment Public Affairs Officer, Senior Member Nancy Flanagan is new to Civil Air Patrol and is currently the Assistant Communications officer and Public Affairs Officer for Hampton Roads Composite Squadron. She is currently working on Public Affairs as her specialty track. Outside of CAP, she is a real estate agent and has been selling homes for Wainwright Real Estate in Virginia Beach for over ten years. When she is not listing, or showing property, she is actively homeschooling her daughter. Senior Member Flanagan enjoys volunteering her time with the Beekeepers Guild of South East Va as she is a beekeeper. She also volunteers at the Nimmo Community garden where she helps grow and maintain a 6500 square foot garden.  Her life mantra comes from Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS, Rule #5: “Don’t waste good.”

PAO OIC, C/CMSgt Julia McGee 
C/CMSgt McGee is from Leesburg Composite Squadron and has been in Civil Air Patrol for just under two years. She has served in her home squadron as a Recruiting NCO, Public Affairs OIC and on the Standards and Evaluations team.  Her favorite part of CAP is its focus on leadership as well as participating in many weekend activities. Outside of CAP she loves music, playing the oboe, taking photos and participating in outdoor activities with her Girl Scout troop and her younger siblings. She is super excited to serve on the encampment PAO team as the OIC!

Squadron 4 Photographer, Photography Team Lead. C/CMSgt Johannes Hoffman
C/CMSgt Hoffmann is from Leesburg Composite Squadron and has been in Civil Air Patrol for two years. He has served in his home squadron as a Flight Sergeant and Activities Officer.  His favorite parts of CAP are the activities, opportunities, and Leadership, among many other things. Outside of CAP he is involved in tackle football, flag football, swimming, and having fun with paintball and Air Soft and being the second oldest of six.

Displaying P1011429[11278].JPGSquadron 5 Photographer, C/SMSgt Maggie Morrison

C/CMSgt Maggie Morrison is part of Southside Composite Squadron and currently holds the position of Charlie flight sergeant. She has been in CAP for almost 2 years now and was the previous PAO NCO for her squadron. Her first ENC was in 2016 where she was in Alpha flight. She’s homeschooled and plays sports including: Basketball, golf, field hockey, lacrosse and is a football coach for Swift Creek Athletic Association. She’s a NASCAR enthusiast and loves anything football related especially if it involves the Bears. She’s the eldest of four and wants to go to West Point for college. Being a helicopter pilot for the Army is her dream job and if that doesn’t work out, there’s always comedy.

Squadron 3 Photographer, C/CMSgt Micheal Mulroy

Squadron 2 Photographer, C/SrA Gabriel Hoback

Squadron 1 Photographer. C/TSgt Hannah Dang 
C/TSgt Hannah Dang is from Burke Squadron where she is currently a flight sergeant. As of January 4th, she celebrated a one-year anniversary of being in Civil Air Patrol. Her favorite amusements during her leisure time is hanging out with her friends, playing basketball, field hockey, table and regular tennis, volleyball, practicing her Spanish, and lavishing musical tunes on the saxophone. She is former girl scouts with an all "A" average and an aspiring gymnast. Her favorite snack is a gargantuan pot of golden macaroni and cheese goodness. Encampment, she says, is very important to her and is “life changing. Before I went, I was this shy, introverted girl who couldn’t get out of her shell and was accompanied with rarely any friends. But now, I can’t stop talking! That’s the kind of impact I would love to give to the students; just a safe place to express themselves and grow their personalities and leadership.” C/TSgt Dang is PAO for this year’s VAWG Summer Encampment and is eager to meet and snap the memories of our future leaders!

Squadron 6 Photographer, C/SMSgt Robert McCracken
C/SMSgt McCracken joined in April 2014 and encampment as a basic in 2015. He also attended encampment in 2016 in advanced squadron (kilo flight). His home squadron is Hampton Roads Composite. Within the squadron, he has a duty position of flight sergeant. His hobbies are airsoft, Civil Air Patrol, photography, and skating. He has also stated that he is very excited to be a part of the PAOP team and to be attending ENC 2017.

Media Team OIC, C/TSgt Jonas Reilly
C/TSgt Jonas Reilly lives on a farm just south of R 
Some of his hobbies are juggling, building with Legos and 
airsoft. A fun fact about Sergeant Reilly is that he can hold his breath for over three minutes
C/TSgt Reilly is looking forward to be on st
aff at Encampment 2017 and working with the PAO team!

Social Media Contributor, C/CMSgt Jonathan Rose

Social Media Contributor, C/CMSgt James Manning
C/CMSgt James Manning has been in CAP for two years. He went to Encampment in 2016. Chief Manning is a member of Southside Composite Squadron and is currently a flight sergeant. He was previously a Leadership NCO. He is committed and excited to being on the PAO team!

Social Media Contributor, C/TSgt Ethan Cole