Communications and Safety

Encampment Communications Officer, Captain Michael McCabe
started his Civil Air Patrol adventure at Tidewater Composite Squadron in 1991. He is currently the Communications Officer and Safety Officer for Encampment 2017. At the squadron level, he actively participated in many ELT missions and served in multiple staff positions including Admin Officer, Finance Officer, Operations Officer, Deputy Commander for Seniors and Squadron Commander. Currently he is on wing staff as an assistant to the Wing Director of Communications.  Outside of CAP he is the Engineering Supervisor responsible for managing the repair and modernization of the electrical distribution and control systems for Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier Hull Planning Yard at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, VA.  He enjoys spending time with his family on the weekends and on his spare time he likes to go sailing. "Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence." Colin Powell

Communications Officer, C/CMSgt Jonpaul Sumner

Safety Officer, C/SrA Lewis Frady