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Training Group Staff

Deputy Commander for Training Officers

Lt. Col. Kimberly Frady, serves her community, state, and nation as the Deputy Commander for Cadets of Prince William Composite Squadron and the Government Relations Advisor to the Virginia Wing Commander. Her ancillary duties include supporting Group 3 as the Cadet Programs Officer and Virginia Wing as the Assistant Director of Cadet Programs focused on training as well as staffing wing and national-level cadet special activities. Outside of CAP, she serves as a Protocol Specialist for the Defense Acquisition University on Ft. Belvoir.  She’s driven to provide opportunities for cadets to explore their interests and form their character through challenges set before them.


“The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  

Cadet Training Group 1 Commander: C/Maj Justin Sweat

IMG_20160918_220705-01-01.jpgCadet Training Group 2 Commander: C/Lt Col Dietrich Fassero 
C/Lt Col Dietrich Fassero is from the Lynchburg
Composite Squadron, where he serves as the Cadet
Commander, Primary Representative to the VAWG CAC,
and Honor Guard Instructor. He serves on his squadron's
aircrew and has ratings in the Comms and ES Specialty
Tracks. Fassero is a senior in high school and in a family of
13. He enjoys working as an Editor-in- Chief and writer for
The Odyssey Online. C/Lt Col Fassero has been in CAP for
7 years this April, and the 2017 VAWG ENC will be his fifth
encampment. His favorite part of encampment is seeing
cadets overcome obstacles in teamwork, watching them pull
together and perform as a crew, and ultimately, leading them
across the graduation field to let them show off their newly-
acquired skills to their parents, siblings, and friends. C/Lt Col
Fassero's biggest piece of advice for cadets attending encampment is, "Focus... Focus on the 
instruction given to you, focus on your tasks, and focus on your team. If you focus on these 
aspects of encampment, you will learn the most you can and have the most fun throughout

Displaying IMG_5467.JPGCadet Training Group 3 Commander: C/Lt Col Sarah Brewster
C/Lt Col Sarah Brewster is from the Monticello Composite Squadron, and has been in CAP for almost five years. This will be her fourth Encampment, and her first as Executive Cadre. In CAP she has participated in a wide variety of activities, from gaining her Medic Rating at Hawk Mountain Ranger School to leading Virginia Wing’s first NCO Academy. Outside of CAP she enjoys running, playing quads in her school’s drumline, and spending time with her friends. She is currently a junior at Western Albemarle High School, and hopes to attend the United States Naval Academy or the University of Virginia. Her advice to students? Give Encampment your all. Take advantage of the opportunities that are given to you and make this year’s Encampment the best one yet!