Advanced Training Squadron

Kilo Flight Commander,C/1st Lt. Victoria Notheis.  
C/1st Lt. Victoria Notheis is a flight commander at Prince William Composite Squadrons. She is 16 years old and has been in CAP for 2 1/2 years. In her spare times she enjoys playing guitar, reading, writing, hanging out with friends, and playing and refereeing soccer. She hopes to be a missionary or doctor someday and is training to become a private pilot. C/1st Lt. Notheis' favorite part of ENC is the incredible amount of stress that truly brings out the best in leaders and the pressure that develops the students into an amazing team. As advanced flight commander, she wants each student to "grow as a team and then develop each other as leaders. I want each and every one of them to be role models to every first year student and when my students leave I want them to be able to go back to their own squadron as their own leader." Notheis is inspired by Jesus' example of perfect servant leadership and hopes that she can truly do her best to first serve and then lead her team at ENC. 

Lima Flight Commander. C/1st Lt. Nehemiah Pratt

C/1st Lt. Nehemiah Pratt is from Lynchburg Composite Squadron where he currently serves as Cadet Commander. He has been a cadet since 2012 and has a passion for Emergency Services and STEM Education. This fall he will be a sophomore in Liberty University's Electrical Engineering Program. His interests are wide and varied, and he self-styles himself a pianist, amateur mathematician, and future inventor. His goal for encampment is to first inspire his students to learn the art of servant leadership and second to continue his person journey of learning leadership. He is honored to be serving as an Advanced Squadron Flight Commander and is looking forward to meeting, growing, and learning with the ATS class of 2016!

Health Services Officer, C/1st Lt. Catherine Madden