Advanced Training Squadron

Squadron Commander. C/Lt. Col Matthew Woodson
C/LtCol Matthew Woodson is a member of the West Richmond Cadet Squadron and has been in CAP for almost five years.  He has served as Flight Sergeant, Flight Commander, and Cadet Commander in his home squadron.  2017 Encampment will be his fifth encampment.  His basic year was in 2013, he served as Golf flight sergeant in 2014, and PAO in 2015 and 2016.  He is also the head of the Virginia Media Team, and is currently working with the chaplain corps for a suicide prevention video.  He is currently in his Junior year of high school, but is studying at John Tyler Community College working towards his Associate degree.  C/LtCol Woodson stated that, “I am looking forward to seeing each and every member of Advanced Training Squadron this year to be challenged mentally and physically.  I look forward to when every member walks across the parade field knowing that they have proved to themselves that they can push more than they thought they can.  I look forward to seeing what people think they can’t do, and push their boundaries until they find that they can do a lot more than they think they can.”  C/LtCol Woodson is looking forward to encampment and getting to meet all of his students in Advanced Training Squadron.

Squadron Flight Sargent. C/SMSgt Freya Slocumb
C/SMSgt Freya Slocumb has been in Civil Air Patrol for 2 ½ years, her basic year of Encampment was Tri-Wing 2015.  Sgt. Slocumb has served as Flight Sergeant at her home squadron in Culpeper VA, and as Seminar Advisor during the Fall NCOA/ADCS in 2016.  Currently she serves as First Sergeant and Primary CAC representative for her home Squadron, and looks forward to staffing Encampment 2017 and serving the Cadets that participate. 

Papa Flight Commander. C/2nd Lt. Kenneth Bittner

Training Officer/Papa Flight, 1st Lt. Matthew (Matt) McCracken, joined Civil Air Patrol in July of 2014 along with his son Robert. In his full-time career, Matt spent 26 years as a service tech, mentor, auditor, lead mentor, facilitator and technical instructor for a large, national service company. He has served the Hampton Roads Composite Squadron (MER-VA-141) as Deputy Commander for Cadets and is currently their Squadron Commander. Watching Cadets learn, grow and become a team; especially at my first Encampment – 2016, has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. CAP Cadets never fail to impress me. We are truly building the leaders of tomorrow. 1st Lt. McCracken’s motto is: “One light illuminates the path. Several lights illuminate the journey. Many lights illuminate the destination.”

Quebec Flight Commander. C/1st Lt. Dylan Pond
C/Capt Dylan Pond is from Southside Composite Squadron and has been in Civil Air Patrol for a little over three years. At his home squadron, C / Capt Pond has served as Cadet Safety Officer, Alpha Flight Sergeant, Alpha Flight Commander, Charlie Flight Commander, and is currently serving as Cadet Executive Officer. Also he was Cadet NCO of the year in 2014, and Cadet Officer of the year in 2015 at his squadron. This will be his third time attending Virginia Wing Encampment, and his second time as Cadre. C/ Capt Pond went to his basic year of encampment in 2014 as part of Charlie Flight, and he was a Public Affairs Officer at 2016 encampment. Outside of Civil Air Patrol, he likes to play sports, especially soccer. He also enjoys playing the piano. He enjoys learning history, especially American, and in 2013, he finished 12th in the nation in the National History Bee. C / Capt Pond is currently in 10th grade and is homeschooled. His favorite part of C.A.P. is working with his team and experiencing new leadership oppurtunities. His goal for Advanced Training Flight is "for each cadet to leave encampment with a new experience and do something they have never done before in the cadet program. I want each cadet to learn something new and use that to make themselves, and their teams, better leaders." C / Capt Pond is looking forward to encampment, and can't wait to meet his flight!

Training Officer/Quebec Flight, Capt. Scott Nicholsen, is a member of the Leesburg Composite Squadron, where he serves as the Safety Officer and Assistant Operations Officer.  He currently lives in Ashburn, Va with his wife of 22 years and their 10 and 12-year-old boys. Capt. Nicholsen joined CAP in November 2015 and the older of his two sons joined a year later. Scott was a Marine Corps officer and AV-8B Harrier pilot until he retired from active duty in June 2016. He currently flies the B737 for United Airlines out of their Washington D.C. base. It is Capt. Nicholsen's wish to help Cadets develop into the very best version of themselves.

Romeo Flight Commander. C/CMSgt Kaitlyn Frady

Training Officer/Romeo Flight. 1st Lt. David Spence. 

After many years of working with young people in traveling youth ministries, their own church’s youth group and leading teen youth work missions, the two Lt Spence’s have discovered a new way of working with teenagers through Civil Air Patrol’s Cadet Programs.  “We love the core values of Integrity, Respect, Excellence and Volunteer Service, along with the discipline of military style leadership training and advancement for the cadets.” David served as a Communications Equipment technician in the U S Air Force for five years during the Viet-Nam era.  Both he and Paulette were stationed in Turkey for three years where she was a U.S. Civil Service employee with the Base Education Office.  After a business career in Graphic Arts and Paperboard Packaging, David and Paulette now own a service contracting company in the retail store loss-prevention sector. 1st Lt. Spence is a member of Southside Composite Squadron since joining CAP in 2014.  David currently serves as the unit’s Communications Officer, Asst. Leadership Officer and is working on his Mission Observer rating.

image1.JPGHealth Services Officer. C/Capt. Joshua Kirkpatrick
Cadet Captain Kirkpatrick is apart of Langley Composite Squadron, currently working as a flight leader and a CAC wing representative. He has been in cap now for third year going onto his forth. C/Kirkpatrick attends Denbigh High School and is enrolled in a magnet aviation program. Hobbies include gaming, airsoft, and hanging out with friends. This is his 4th year at encampment, one as a student, one as advanced training, and two as a health services officer. He looks forward to learn more in the healthcare field and make an impact on 2017's encampment.