Squadron 1

Squadron Commander: C/2d Lt. Deannah Bennett
C/2dLt Deannah Bennett of Danville Composite Squadron has been in CAP for 5 years. At her home squadron, she serves as the Cadet Commander. She is homeschooled and has seven siblings. Outside CAP, Lt Bennett has her own dog, and regularly enjoys dog sitting. This year, she would like the students to remember, “No matter how much you think you might fail at something, do it anyways. Everyone will be figuring things out for themselves, and you’ll be less skillful if you don’t do things. You will learn more from failing than from just following along. The people you admire got that way through hard work.” Her tip for students this year at ENC 2016 is, “Success is accumulation of the little things done well.”

Squadron First Sergeant. C/MSgt Jackson Mercer

Squadron Training Officer. Maj. Chuck Beeson

Alpha Flight Commander. C/SMSgt Kenneth Bittner

Alpha Flight Sergeant. C/MSgt Rachel Brown

Alpha Flight Training Officer. Maria Londono

Bravo Flight Commander. C/2d Lt. John Swindell

Bravo Flight Sergeant. C/SSgt Anthony Cruz

Bravo Flight Training Officer. Capt. Cindy Pratt

Health Services Officer, C/CMSgt Shull

C/CMSgt Shull has been in CAP for a year and a half and is a ground team member first class. He is qualified as a ground team leader in the state of Virginia and will be qualified in CAP once he turns 18. He is First Aid, AED, and CPR certified and has volunteered as a student trainer, training others in first aid. Outside of CAP, he runs track and field, swims, and enjoys outdoor activities. He's a student at Tallwood High School, where he studies German and Arabic.