Squadron 1

Squadron Commander: C/2d Lt. Nathaniel Hatfield

    C/2d Lt Hatfield is from the Prince William Composite squadron, of which he has been a member for the past five years. 
At his local squadron, he serves as the Cadet Operations Officer and O-Ride Liaison Officer. He has previously served as a 
Flight Sergeant, Admin NCO, and First Sergeant. This will be his fifth Encampment – prior to this year, he will have served 
as a medic, a flight commander, and a Stan/Eval cadre member along with his basic year in 2014. What he loves most 
about the cadet program is the robustness of its activities and the incredible opportunities the program offers in terms 
of leadership education and development. He values his time as a cadet as one of the most defining factors of his growth 
over the past few years, and is very grateful for the friends, experiences, and values that he has earned along the way. 
He is very excited to serve at this year’s encampment as Squadron 1’s commander, continuing the tradition of training 
up future generations of cadets to be strong and capable leaders.

Squadron First Sergeant, C/SMSgt Regan Blume

    C/CMSgt Regan Blume is from Southside Composite Squadron. She joined Civil Air Patrol as a gift for her 15th birthday 
two years ago, and doesn’t regret her decision. In the program, she enjoys the leadership opportunity the program 
provides, having served as a Flight Sergeant, Public Affairs NCO, and is currently serving as the squadron’s Leadership 
NCO. She attended ENC16 last year and is now serving as the Squadron 1 First Sergeant for ENC17, First Sergeant being a 
leadership position she has wanted to serve in ever since she first joined the program. Outside of CAP, she is a junior (
rising senior by ENC) in high school, a singer/songwriter/guitarist, and lives her life in anime, especially Sword Art 
Online. For this Encampment, she wants to teach her squadron as much as she wants to learn, being a firm believer that 
you can never stop learning as a leader. She wants her squadron, and the rest of Encampment, to go home with that 
feeling of accomplishment that she felt at the end of Encampment Graduation. She looks forward to working with the 
students, cadre, and senior members of this year’s Virginia Wing Encampment.

Squadron 1 Training Officer, Capt. Anita Simpkins.        
This is Capt. Simpkin’s fifth year as a Senior Training Officer. She has been a member of CAP since 2008 and has primarily served the Monticello Composite Squadron in Charlottesville, VA as its Personnel & Testing officer. She has two sons in CAP. Outside of CAP, she serves as a Classical Conversations Area Representative, helping oversee the formation of home-school communities and summer parent equipping conferences throughout much of the state. Recently she moved to Mechanicsville, VA with her husband of 23 years, which places her closer to her church where she and her husband serve in the nursing home ministry. She hopes to go on a mission’s trip in late July this year. Encampment is always the highlight of her summer and hopes it will be for this year’s cadre and students. 


Alpha Flight Commander, C/CMSgt Amaar Farooq 

C/CMSgt. Farooq is from Leesburg Composite Squadron, where he currently serves as Alpha Flight Commander. He has 
been in CAP for almost 5 years and is attending what will be his 3rd Encampment. Previously, he was a student in 2015, 
and Foxtrot Training Flight Sergeant in 2016, when the flight received the award of Honor Flight of the Day. His favorite 
parts of Encampment are the camaraderie involved with being in a Training flight and the educative immersion of the 
program. Outside of CAP he is on his High School Track team where he runs the 100 and 4X100. He enjoys basketball, 
music, and film. His goal for ENC17 is to inspire the students to learn, grow, and become better leaders in CAP and 
everyday life.

Alpha Flight Sergeant, C/MSgt Mathew Deveau

 C/MSgt Matthew Deveau is from Bethesda-Chevy Chase Composite Squadron in Maryland Wing for about 1 and a half years. He has served as Emergency Services and Communications NCO. He is currently holding the position of Flight Commander. His favorite part of CAP is Emergency Services and all the weekend activities where you learn many different skills. He will also be serving as a part of Logistics Cadre at Tri-Wing Encampment this summer. Outside of CAP he is very active in Boy Scouts and holds the rank of Life Scout, and loves everything about the outdoors.

Alpha Flight Training Officer,

Bravo Flight Commander, C/CMSgt Jesse Greene

 C/2d Lt. Jesse Greene is from the Lynchburg Composite Squadron and has been a member of the Civil Air Patrol for 
almost seven years. He has served in his home squadron as Communications NCO/Officer, Cadet Mentor, Zulu Flight 
Sergeant and Flight Commander, and is currently serving as Charlie Flight Commander. He has finished high school, and 
is currently considering the medical field as a possible future career. Outside of CAP he loves old music and automobiles, 
mechanical things, photography, and physical activities.

Bravo Flight Sergeant, C/TSgt Merritt Barklage

    C/TSgt Merritt Barklage is from Prince William Composite Squadron and will serve Encampment 2017 as Bravo Flight Sergeant. He has served in Civil Air Patrol for almost two years. Some of his hobbies are playing guitar (acoustic and electric), robotics, and airsoft. His favorite part of Civil Air Patrol is the leadership skills that are taught that help develop future leaders. He looks forward to serving at Encampment and is excited to meet the cadets.

Bravo Flight Training Officer, Maj Barry Feinstein 

Major Barry Feinstein joined CAP in 2003.  As a cadet, he earned the Spaatz Award and the Middle East Region Cadet of the Year Award.  After 15 months as the Assistant Director of Cadet Programs for NCWG, he transferred to VAWG as the Tidewater Composite Squadron as Deputy Commander for Cadets.  He is currently a nuclear engineering officer on board the USS George Washington (CVN 73).  Major Feinstein enjoys helping to train the future leaders of America through CAP.

Charlie flight Commander, C/CMSgt Madeleine Leeds

    C/CMSgt Madeleine Leeds is part of Winchester Composite Squadron. She has been in Cap for almost 3 years and 
favorite part of CAP is Character Development. Chief Leeds is currently serving her squadron as the flight sergeant. Past 
times outside of Civil Air Patrol are reading, summer swim team, and taking Latin and Greek tests through her 
homeschool curriculum. C/CMSgt Leeds is looking forward to Encampment and looks forward to teaching more cadets in 
a something she loves like encampment.

Charlie Flight Sargent, C/CMSgt Even Fletcher

   C/CMSgt Evan Fletcher of Fredericksburg Composite Squadron, has been in CAP for five years. He has served as First 
Sergeant at his home squadron, and is currently serving as Recruitment NCO at the same. His two favorite parts of CAP 
are Emergency Services and Encampment. He has been to several ES training events, including five Ground Search and 
Rescue colleges, a Ranger school, and dozens of Search and Rescue exercises. He has been to three encampments, one as a 
student in 2013, 2015 as a flight sergeant, and 2016 as a first sergeant. His favorite part of encampment is watching cadets 
become better people as a result of the training that they receive at encampment, and the Cadet Program. In his 
day to day life, First Sergeant Fletcher enjoys working on old vehicles, playing sports of all sorts, and playing Piano, 
Trumpet, Guitar, Harmonica and Cajon. If he expects to see one trait in cadets at encampment, it’s “the ability to push 
through pain, physical and emotional, and never quit and never abandon their core values.”

Charlie Flight Training Officer, Senior Member Bill Irving
Senior Member Irving retired in August 2016 with 45 plus years of experience in Management at all levels of the industry Twenty years of those years were in Human Resources which he thoroughly enjoyed. His desire to give time to an organization that would benefit the local community prompted his interest in CAP. After several meetings, he joined November 2016. Bill recently accepted the position Personnel Development Officer for the MER -VA -060 squadron and looks forward to working with the Cadets and Senior Members. He enjoys reading and his three grandchildren who are 6yrs, 18yrs and 21yrs old. His wife of 44yrs (CFO of the family) keeps him on the straight and narrow.  His favorite quote is:  "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."  by Mahatma Gandhi.

IMG_3114.PNGHealth Services Officer, C/2nd Lt. Helen Riordan

C/2d Lt. Riordan is from Leesburg Composite Squadron and has been in CAP for 5 years. She was a student at Encampment for two years and this year will be her third on staff. Her favorite part of CAP is getting to meet new people and getting to do things like fly in C-17s and Black Hawk Helicopters. She is a Junior at Broad Run High School. She has played a wide variety of sports and has done various activities like girl scouts, volunteering at local animal shelter, snorkeling and scuba diving. Lt. Riordan had travelled all over the US and has been overseas to Australia. Her goals are to become a private pilot, get EMT/medically qualified, and one day become a missionary pilot.