Squadron 2

Squadron Commander, C/Maj. Sarah Brewster
C/Maj. Brewster has been in Civil Air Patrol for four years; she joined on her twelfth birthday! She is the Cadet Commander of Monticello Composite Squadron. Maj. Brewster’s favorite parts of encampment are meeting new people and watching everyone (both cadre and students) grow and learn. Outside of CAP, Sarah Brewster runs cross country and track. She is also in the drumline. STUDENTS: Maj. Brewster’s advice to you is, “Give it your all!” At Encampment, you get out what you put in, so go all in!

Squadron First Sergeant. C/MSgt Mark Michael
 C/CMSgt Mark Michael has been in CAP for 1 ½ years and is a member of Southside Composite Squadron, where he serves as First Sergeant. He is looking forward to watching cadets learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses to make a more effective team. Outside of CAP, he likes to do anything physically challenging “whether it’s running, rock climbing, hand to hand combat, sparring, etc.” Chief Michael also plays violin and has 8 siblings. His advice to all students is, “…as I have learned, Tenacity is the key to Encampment.”

Squadron Training Officer. Maj. Jay Sliwinski
Major Sliwinski of St. Croix Composite Squadron has been in CAP for 34 years, and his family has had approximately 200 years or more of combined CAP experience. He serves as the Communication and Admin Officer at his home squadron and is a former cadet Officer. He used to race CAFÉ racers and motorcycles. Maj. Sliwinski is eager to see how far the students and cadre develop this year at ENC 2016. He wants the students to know, “You will make mistakes. You just need to admit to them, evaluate them, and learn from them.” He used to be a police officer and is now a 911 supervisor outside of CAP.  His motto is, “Non Esse Stultus.”

Charlie Flight Commander. C/2d Lt. John Sharp
C/1 st Lt John Sharp of Lynchburg Composite Squadron has been in CAP for 2 ½ years. He currentlyoperates as a Flight Commander at his home squadron. At ENC 2016, he is looking forward to serving in his favorite position, Flight Commander, while helping his Flight Sergeant and in-flight cadets grow as a team. He is also eager to discover the “secret glories of cadre life.” Outside of CAP, Lt Sharp’s life consists of school, occasional gaming, and watching BBC’s Doctor Who and CBS’s Person of Interest. Heprides himself in Speech and Debate, where he has won multiple speaker awards, and is determined to one day get elected as a U.S. senator. He would advise students “Don’t take anything personally. Do your best, and more importantly, make sure you help your wingman do their best.”

Charlie Flight Sergeant. C/TSgt Jeremiah Mason 

Charlie Training Officer. 1st Lt. Rachel Sydow

Delta Flight Commander. C/CMSgt Jocelyn Pittelkau
C/CMSgt Jocelyn Pittelkau from Leesburg Composite Squadron has been in CAP for three years. She is currently a Flight Commander at her home squadron. At ENC 2016, she hopes she and the other cadetswill learn, grow, experience the unexpected, and most importantly - have fun! Outside of CAP she likes to run, figure out puzzles, draw, read, and workout. She is going for a 4 th degree black belt in Martial Arts, and is an aspiring artist and linguist. Chief Pittelkau’s words of inspiration to the students would be, “When you feel like you can’t go any further, [that] is when the true building of character begins, so don’t give up when it gets difficult. When you help your fellow students, you also help yourself"

Delta Flight Sergeant. C/SSgt Benjamin Roose
C/SMSgt Benjamin Roose has been in CAP for 1 ½ years and is a member of Newport News Composite Squadron, where he serves as a Flight Sergeant. He is most looking forward to helping his flight reach their fullest potential and grow in leadership. Outside of CAP, Sergeant Roose is a swim coach and a black belt in Taekwondo. He is also 1 of 12 children. His advice to the students this year would be,“DRINK LOTS OF WATER!”

Delta Training Officer. 2d Lt. Paulette Spence
2d Lt. Paulette Spence of Southside Composite Squadron has been in CAP for two years. She serves her home squadron as Leadership Officer. Her favorite part of encampment is watching everyone, cadets, cadre, even senior members, step out of their comfort zone. "I love watching everyone come together as team," she says. Outside of Civil Air Patrol she enjoys hiking, kayaking and working with the young people in her church. She encourages students, "Hang in there! It only gets better!" 

Health Services Officer, C/1st Lt. Kirkpatrick