Squadron 3

Squadron Commander. C/Capt. Mara Kramer

C/Capt. Mara Kramer of Chesterfield's Southside Composite Squadron has been in CAP for four years. At Southside, she enjoys instructing and advising cadets as Leadership Officer.  C/Capt. Kramer enjoys aviation as a hobby and has her solo rating in both gliders and UAVs, however her plan is to become a Naval Engineer and design submarines. This encampment will be Kramer's fourth and her second in Virginia Wing. In the past she has served as Flight Sergeant, Medical NCO, and Dining Staff Officer. She advises Encampment students to "think of great questions to ask. No matter how busy your staff appears their mission is to train cadets and responding to really great questions helps that process." Additionally, C/Capt. Kramer recalls from her first Encampment: "I learned to always try my best, even if I wasn't successful at first. If you work hard you'll make the best of this experience as you support your entire flight. So, when a task is difficult, try your very best and remember to help and encourage others." 

Squadron First Sergeant. C/SrA Amir Mahmoud

Squadron Training Officer. 1st Lt. Lacie Dickens
Lt. Lacie Dickens is proud to serve a second year at VAWG Encampment. 1st Lt. Dickens joined CAP in 2014 with both her husband and her oldest daughter. As a member of the Lynchburg Composite Squadron, she serves her home squadron as the Deputy Commander for Cadets. Outside of Civil Air Patrol, Lt. Dickens home educates her three daughters and has served as a director and tutor for homeschooling organizations. For the past 18 years, she has been happily married to Derick Dickens, a training manager, college professor, and Ph.D. candidate. 

Echo Flight Commander. C/1st Lt. Brandon Lawson
C/1st Lt. Brandon Lawson, from Prince William Composite Squadron, has been in CAP for 3 years. He serves as a Flight Commander as well as Cyber Patriot Administrative Officer at his home squadron. He enjoys playing competitive basketball, speech and debate, competitive politics, and eating pizza. Lt. Lawson plans on attending VMI and becoming an USAF officer. His vision for cadets is "to have fun and learn no matter what." One of his favorite quotes comes from Muhammad Ali. "It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe." C/1st Lt. Lawson is very excited to meet and teach all the Echo Flight students at ENC 2016!

Echo Flight Sergeant, C/MSgt Jeremiah Pratt

Echo Training Officer. 1st Lt. Matthew McCracken
1st Lt. Matthew McCraken joined the Hampton Roads Composite Squadron two years ago with his son, and soon became the Deputy Commander for Cadets. He now serves as Squadron Commander there and is excited to serve "on the front lines" at encampment for the very first time. Lt. McCracken says, "Working with cadets is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Seeing the smiles, pride, sense of accomplishment and knowing that better citizens are being built is better than any paycheck." 1st Lt. McCracken lives with his wife of twenty-two years, and two sons - one six years old and a fourteen year old CAP cadet. 

Foxtrot Flight Commander. C/CMSgt Nathaniel Hatfield

Foxtrot Flight Sergeant. C/SMSgt Amaar Farooq

Foxtrot Training Officer. 1st Lt. Anita Simpkins
1st Lt. Anita Simpkins considers it an honor to serve cadets and senior members at this, her fourth VAWG encampment. She has been a member of CAP since 2008 and has primarily served her squadron, Monticello Composite, as its Personnel and Testing Officer. She has two sons in CAP, the oldest a Senior Member and the younger, also serving on ENC staff as Safety Officer. Lt. Simpkins has a Ph.D in Education Leadership & Public Policy from UVA, and served as a part-time distance education professor for Regent University's School of Education. More recently, however she has focused on home educating her two sons, and serves with the national home education organization, Classical Conversations, as an Area Manager. She looks for ward to serving this years encampment and seeing cadets learn and grow. 

Health Services Officer, C/TSgt Alexis Viola