Squadron 4

Squadron Commander. C/Major Micah Pratt
C/Maj Micah D. Pratt, of the Lynchburg Composite Squadron, has been in the Civil Air Patrol for nearly 4 years. At his home squadron, he has served as the First Sergeant, Flight Commander, Leadership
Officer, and Physical Fitness Training Administrator, and now serves as the Cadet Deputy Commander. During ENC 2015, he held the position of the Alpha Flight Commander and learned many valuable lessons which will have a huge effect on his leadership style during this year’s Encampment. If asked what he does in his spare time, he answers bluntly, “I run.” A 3-time track and field national qualifier in the mile and 2015 Cross Country National Footlocker Finalist, C/Maj Pratt’s life is full of 12 to 17 mile runs on the weekends. His expectations for the Students in his squadron are very simple, “Fight for me, and I will fight for you. If you give me your absolute best, I will work with you and help you attain our squadron’s standards of perfection.”

Squadron First Sergeant. C/CMSgt Evan Fletcher
C/CMSgt Evan Fletcher of the Fredericksburg Composite Squadron, has been in CAP for four years. He has served as First Sergeant and Flight Commander at his home squadron and currently serves as Leadership NCO. His two favorite parts of CAP are ES and Encampment. He has been to four GSAR colleges, Ranger School, and dozens of SAREXs. His favorite part of encampment is watching cadets become better people as a result of the training that they receive. In his day to day life, C/CMSgt Fletcher enjoys working on old vehicles, playing sports of all sorts, and playing piano, trumpet, and cajon. He looks forward to encampment and charges all students to, "push through pain, physical and emotional, and never quit or abandon their core values." 

Squadron Training Officer. Maj. Carl Derfler

Golf Flight Commander. C/2d Lt. Rebecca Jensen
C/2d Lt. Rebecca Jensen is currently from Fairfax Composite Squadron, National Capital Wing. In just over three years she has been part of 3 squadrons, 3 wings, and two separate regions and has certainly seen almost all of the different ways CAP could function. C/2d Lt. Jensen is currently a Flight commander for new cadets in her squadron and enjoys helping brand new cadets learn the ropes of CAP. When asked what she likes to do in her free time, she responds "what free time?", but admits if given the time she would like to be outdoors doing some new/adventurous activity. A rising Junior, she is actively involved in her Marching Band High School Color Guard. She is always on the move, and puts all her energy into the assigned task. She expects all of her flight and team members to go above the given expectations to succeed. Her advice? "If we all want to have a good time, help needs to go both ways: if you want me to help you, then you need to help me. Prove to me that you are willing to go the extra mile, and everyone will succeed. It's as simple as that." 

Golf Flight Sergeant. C/MSgt O'Dorisio 
C/CMSgt O’Dorisio is from Newport News Composite Squadron, where he is currently the First Sergeant. He has been in CAP for a year and a half. He plans on attending VMI or the United States Air Force Academy in the near future. His favorite parts of encampment are the teamwork, discipline, camaraderie, and highly structured environment. His goal for encampment is for students "to leave encampment having advanced their leadership training, strengthened their core values, and learned to work as a team; and that the cadre will have learned the same but on a higher level."

Golf Training Officer. 2d Lt. Roberto Londono

Hotel Flight Commander. C/CMSgt Robbie Koch
C/2d Lt. Robbie Koch, of Prince William Composite Squadron, has been in CAP for 5 years. He has served on VAWG Encampment staff three times in the past as Flight Sergeant, Squadron First Sergant, and CTG- Cadet Command Chief. At his home squadron he has held the positions of Flight Sergeant and Leadership NCO. In his free time, C/2d Lt. Koch participates in varsity track and field, serves as class president, and spends time with friends and family. Lt. Koch's goals for his cadets are that they would grow into leaders and work together as a team to make it through the week. 

Hotel Flight Sergeant. C/SMSgt John Arnold
C/CMSgt John Arnold is from Lynchburg Composite Squadron and has been in CAP for almost 4 years. A Flight Sergeant at his home squadron, Chief Arnold is passionate about working with cadets to shape them into better leaders. He also loves technology, is a part of his squadron's CyberPatriot team, and will be attending Liberty University in the fall for Information Technologies and Computer Science. His favorite part of encampment is the constantly moving, high-stakes environment and the camaraderie that develops as a result. He expects his cadets to give their 110% and advises them, "You only get out of Encampment what you put into it. Encampment will be a challenge, but you'll come out a better cadet and a better person."  

Hotel Training Officer. 1st Lt. Meaghan Harr

Health Services Officer, C/1st Lt. Ford Haight