Squadron 4

Squadron Commander. C/Capt John Swindell
C/Capt John Swindell is from the Montgomery Composite Squadron, where he has been a member for three-and- a-half years. He currently serves as the Cadet Commander, trains the Squadron Honor Guard, and is a member of the Cyber Patriot team. In his free time, C/Capt Swindell enjoys backpacking, playing roller hockey,
blacksmithing, ballroom dancing, and flying. His favorite part of CAP is the way that it teaches teamwork and leadership and enables cadets to improve themselves.

Squadron First Sargent. C/CMSgt Kira Walters
C/CMSgt Kira Walters is from the Newport News Composite Squadron, where she currently holds the position of Deputy Cadet Commander. She has been a member of Civil Air Patrol for just over two years. In the past, C/CMSgt Walters has held positions at her squadron including Flight
Sergeant, Flight Commander, Squadron First Sergeant, Public Affairs NCO, and Activities NCO. Some of her hobbies include fishing, hunting, backpacking, playing field hockey, running track, and swimming. She plays three different sports for her high school and just lettered in Varsity
Swimming as a freshman. Outside of Civil Air Patrol, Kira participates in Girl Scouts (in which she has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards), is a member of Key Club (where she does volunteer work for various organizations), and plays field hockey year round in multiple leagues. C/CMSgt Walters was recognized as the Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year last December and is currently a Finalist for the Coast Guard Military Child of the Year Award. Her favorite part of Encampment has always been watching the transformation take place within the flights from a group, to a team, to a family. C/CMSgt Walters is very excited to be on Cadre as a First Sergeant this year and can't wait to begin working with all of the cadets this encampment!!

Squadron Training Officer. 

Juliet Flight Commander. C/2d Lt Tristan Jones
C/2d Lt Tristan Jones is part of the Southside Composite Squadron in Chesterfield, VA, where he serves as the Cadet Leadership Officer. He is 16 years old, and aside from CAP activities, he enjoys serving with his family’s
ministry and doing air-soft with his CAP buddies. He has a twin brother, who, in fact, is also serving on this encampment’s cadre. This will be the third encampment that C/2d Lt Jones has attended; he was in Advanced Flight
last year. C/2d Lt Jones says, “I am looking forward to meeting everyone of you, and I hope you all are ready to become the leaders of tomorrow!”

Displaying DSC_0049 (1).JPGJuliet Flight Sergeant. C/TSgt Rahil Shivjiani
C/TSgt. Rahil Shivjiani is a member of the Leesburg Composite Squadron. At the squadron, he serves as the Activities NCO, Public Affairs NCO, and I.T. NCO. He goes to Seneca Ridge Middle School in Loudoun County, VA. His hobbies include trying out technology and playing the Alto Saxophone. He also loves playing football and swimming. In his free time, he loves to go outside, and be active! C/TSgt. Shivjiani has been in CAP for just over a year now and is looking forward to much more. His favorite part of Encampment is how everyone manages their time. At Encampment, everything has to be done on time, and that has taught him a lot about time management. He can't wait to turn this year's cadets into future leaders. Hoorah!

Juliet Training Officer. 

Kilo Flight Commander. C/2d Lt Anthony Cruz
C/2d Lt Anthony Cruz has been in Civil Air Patrol for nearly two years and is currently the First Sergeant at the Monticello Composite Squadron. He is a Junior at Fluvanna County High School and participates in varsity cross country, swim, and speech and debate. His hobbies include airsoft, sports, and CAP activities. C/2d Lt Cruz is very excited for the 2017, Virginia Wing Encampment, and he can't wait to begin training his flight and preparing them for the future.

Kilo Flight Sargent. C/SMSgt Savanna Fitts  
C/SMSgt Savanna Fitts is from the Prince William Composite Squadron, and has been for five years. She has participated in three encampments and graduated from a Drill and Ceremony School, and she is a Flight Sergeant at her home squadron.  Her favorite things about CAP are the
relationships and teamwork.  She is almost 18 and goes to Osbourne High School. Outside of CAP, she loves listening to any kind of music, playing softball for her school, and participating in pretty much anything outdoors. She is the fourth oldest of eight kids and loves any meat that's grilled (pig is her favorite thing to eat). She looks forward to this year’s encampment, meeting new people, and teaching them all she knows.

Kilo Training Officer

Lima Flight Commander. C/2nd Lt Jeremiah Robinson
C/2nd Lt. Jeremiah Robinson is 16 years old, a sophomore at Briar Woods High School, and he is also six-foot-two. His home squadron is the Leesburg Composite Squadron, where he has served as a Flight Sergeant, a Flight Commander, PT NCO OIC, and Recruiting NCO OIC. C/2nd Lt Robinson has been in CAP for over three years and has been to four encampments. He was a Dining Services Team member for the 2015 VAWG Encampment. C/2nd Lt Robinson is extremely athletic; he has a varsity letter in Cross Country, making it to regionals with the Briar Woods team, he plays basketball in a house league, but he looks forward to trying out for the school team next year, and he also runs track and hopes to letter this year. C/2nd Lt Robinson has a few hobbies, but he is very good at them all. He is in the top ensemble for chorus, he plays street basketball in the neighborhood, and when he needs a break, he enjoys playing NBA 2k17.

Lima Flight Sargent. C/SSgt Jeremiah Koch

Lima Training Officer.

13509739_631483857020717_837945209_o (2).jpgSquadron Health Services Officer. C/Capt Sarah Brown

C/Capt Brown is from Monticello Composite Squadron, where she is currently the cadet commander. Her hobbies include dog training, she is currently raising her first service dog puppy named George who will be leaving for advance training in early April, swimming, she is also an assistant coach of her swim team, and she is an avid reader. In her free time she loves going on hikes, going out with friends, and writing. C/Capt Brown has been in CAP for a little over three and a half years. This will be her 4th encampment and her 3rd on staff. Last year on staff she was a medic and enjoyed it so much that she came back again this year with the only purpose of being a medic again. She got her wish! C/Capt Brown looks forward to meeting all of you helping you throughout your encampment experience.