Squadron 5

Squadron Commander   C/Maj Dietrich Fassero 
C/Maj Fassero is from Lynchburg Composite Squadron and has been in the Civil Air patrol for over 6 years. His favorite CAP activity is attending and participating in SAREXs. He has also attended and graduated from Honor Guard Academy. Outside of CAP, C/Maj Fassero stays busy with 10 siblings at home! He advises cadets, "Don't be afraid to ask questions." 

Squadron First Sergeant. C/SMSgt Emma Gonzalez

Squadron Training Officer. Lt. Col. Kimberly Frady 
Lt. Col. Kimberly Frady serves as Prince William Composite Squadron's Deputy Commander of Cadets, Group 3 Cadet Programs Officer and the Virginia Wing Government Relations Adviser. She is a trained and certified member of the Critical Incident Stress Management Team and a qualified Ground Team member, and has served as faculty and staff for Civic Leadership Academy, Drill and Ceremony School, and Ground Search and Rescue Academy. Lt. Col. Frady is married to Col. Terry Frady, U.S.A.F, and will be celebrating 20 years of marriage this August. They have three children, all of whom are CAP cadets, and altogether they 'fall-in' as the Frady Flight and reside in Springfield, Virginia. 

India Flight Commander. C/2d Lt. James Muskett
C/2d Lt. James Muskett, of the Leesburg Composite Squadron, has been in CAP for three years. At his home squadron he serves as a flight commander and as honor guard commander. Honor guard, in fact, is his favorite CAP activity. Outside of CAP, he is homeschooled and plays for a National Capital Soccer League travel soccer team. He's excited to serve as a flight commander this encampment and looks forward to seeing the students in his flight, as well as the rest of Encampment, become better cadets, learn more about CAP life and grow as a team. 

India Flight Sergeant. C/SrA Madeline Leeds

India Flight Training Officer. 1st Lt. Matthew Esnardo

Juliet Flight Commander. C/Capt Jonathan Lamb

Juliet Flight Sergeant. C/MSgt David Pate

Juliet Flight Training Commander. 2d Lt. Joe Ward

2d Lt. Joseph Ward is part of the Hampton Roads Composite Squadron, where he serves as the Deputy Commander for Cadets. He joined CAP in April 2015 but formerly served as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army. Lt. Ward is a substitute teacher with the Chesapeake Public School system while he attends college full-time at Tidewater Community college. He plans to transfer to University of North Dakota to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics degree. He currently holds a Private Pilot certificate and is currently working towards his Instrument Rating. His future career goal is to become an airline pilot with Delta Airlines. 

Health Services Officer, C/1st Lt. Brown