Squadron 5

C:\Users\sharp\Desktop\unnamed.pngSquadron Commander. C/Maj John Sharp

C/Maj Sharp is currently the Cadet Deputy Commander of Lynchburg Composite Squadron and has served in many positions including First Sergeant, Flight Commander, Officer Flight Commander, Aerospace Education Officer, and Cadet Advisory Council Representative Alternate.  He has received multiple awards in speech competitions and ended up being 12th in the nation in Impromptu speaking during the 2016 season.  He has also competed in multiple competitions for Debate in which he ended up being 17th best speaker in the nation at the end of the 2016 season.  In CAP he has been awarded the 2015 Airforce Sergeants Association NCO of the Year Award, and the 2015 VAWG Frank G. Brewer Aerospace Education Award.  C/Maj Sharp has a passion for all things government and politics and has been to TeenPact Leadership Schools where he has advanced his skills and knowledge in regards to public speaking and government policy.  C/Maj Sharp’s student year of Encampment was in 2015 where he was chosen as one of 5 Honor Cadets of VAWG Encampment.  This year C/Maj Sharp is looking forward to serving his team and helping them in any way he can.  As a piece of advice to his students: “Encampment will be intense, but don’t take anything personally.  When the cadre yells, they’re not yelling at you to degrade you, but rather to help motivate you to do better.  Go forward and do your best and your week will be successful!”

C:\Users\sharp\Desktop\16177945_1216552785065190_5623691166287837209_o.jpgSquadron First Sergeant. C/SSgt Andrew Bennett
C/TSgt Bennett of Southside Composite Squadron has been in Cap for less than a year. At his home squadron, he currently serves as a Flight Sgt. Outside of Cap, cadet Bennett is homeschooled and in the 11 grade. Currently, in his spare time, Bennett’s favorite sports include soccer, basketball, and paintball. Bennett plays keyboard and guitar for services at his church on Sundays. For the students of squadron 5 here is what he would like them to remember: “A good leader takes a little more than his share of blame and share a little less of the credit.” The lesson to learn here is to be responsible and to be humble. Bennett tries to do this and keep this quote in mind for whatever he does. Bennett strives to work hard to support those in leadership above him and to be dependable to others who are under his leadership.

Squadron Training Officer. Lt. Col. Kimberly Frady 
Lt. Col. Kimberly Frady serves as Prince William Composite Squadron's Deputy Commander of Cadets, Group 3 Cadet Programs Officer and the Virginia Wing Government Relations Adviser. She is a trained and certified member of the Critical Incident Stress Management Team and a qualified Ground Team member, and has served as faculty and staff for Civic Leadership Academy, Drill and Ceremony School, and Ground Search and Rescue Academy. Lt. Col. Frady is married to Col. Terry Frady, U.S.A.F, and will be celebrating 20 years of marriage this August. They have three children, all of whom are CAP cadets, and altogether they 'fall in' as the Frady Flight and reside in Springfield, Virginia. 

Mike Flight Commander. C/2nd Lt. Ryan Adams

Mike Flight Sergeant. C/MSgt Carter Kinkead
C/MSgt Carter Kinkead has been in CAP and a member of the Leesburg Composite 
Squadron for almost 2 years. Throughout his time at Leesburg, he has served as Foxtrot Flight 
Sergeant, Charlie Flight Sergeant, and Leadership NCO. His favorite part of CAP is the   
exposure to military life and the excellent leadership development opportunities that it offers. 
Outside of CAP, Sergeant Kinkead enjoys mountain biking, lacrosse, skiing, and hunting.

Mike Flight Training Officer. 1st Lt. Matthew Esnardo

C:\Users\sharp\Desktop\unnamed 2.pngNovember Flight Commander. C/2d Lt Elianna Dickens
C/2d Lt Elianna Dickens is from Lynchburg Composite Squadron. She has served in her squadron as Recruitment and Retention NCO, is active with her squadron honor guard, and is currently serving as Flight Commander. The thing she most appreciates about encampment is learning how to be a better leader and working as a team with fellow cadets. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing fiction, baking, knitting, and doing all sorts of outdoor activities. 

C:\Users\sharp\Desktop\unnamed (2).jpgNovember Flight Sargent. C/MSgt Luke Autrey
Cadet Luke Autrey joined the Fredericksburg Composite Squadron back in 2015 and has remained an active member since. He was recruited by a fellow cadet from his high school, Massaponax High, in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He serves as a flight sergeant, Public Affairs NCO, Emergency Services NCO, Cadet Advisory Council Primary, and Honor Guard NCO for his home squadron. His hobbies include playing guitar, running, reading, and cooking. Cadet Autrey’s personal motto is: “Keep Pressing On.” His career goals are to major in Biochemistry to become accepted into a medical school and earn his MD to be a General Surgeon. “I encourage all students to pursue excellence this year and I look forward to learning and training with you at Encampment 2017. When the challenges come, like I know they will, just Keep Pressing On!”

November Flight Training Commander. 2d Lt. Joe Ward

2d Lt. Joseph Ward is part of the Hampton Roads Composite Squadron, where he serves as the Deputy Commander for Cadets. He joined CAP in April 2015 but formerly served as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army. Lt. Ward is a substitute teacher with the Chesapeake Public School system while he attends college full-time at Tidewater Community college. He plans to transfer to University of North Dakota to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics degree. He currently holds a Private Pilot certificate and is currently working towards his Instrument Rating. His future career goal is to become an airline pilot with Delta Airlines. 

C:\Users\sharp\Desktop\16836682_1339146326107256_76449100269909056_o.jpgOscar Flight Commander. C/2nd Lt. Mark Michael

Born on May 23rd, 2000 as the youngest of 9 children, C/2d Lt Michael has always seemed bound to join the military. After one of his brothers went through Civil Air Patrol (C/2dLt Joshua Michael) and two of them joined the USMC, he is determined to do the same. He joined CAP to bring out the inner leader in himself and he also understood that CAP had a high quality leadership program and decided to join. Cadet Michael’s favorite thing about CAP is the military structure of the cadet programs. When he is done being a cadet, he plans to attend college and go into the USMC as an officer and become a combat engineer. During his participation in CAP, he has been selected as Flight Sergeant, First Sergeant, Flight Commander and is currently serving as cadet deputy commander. He has attended ENC 2015 as a student and ENC 2016 as a first sergeant. He looks up to his brothers and a few cadets as role models and true life changing leaders.

C:\Users\sharp\Desktop\unnamed (1).jpgOscar Flight Sargent. C/CMSgt Kara Roberts
C/CMSgt Kara Roberts is from Prince William Composite Squadron, where she is currently a flight sergeant. She has been in CAP for almost two years. Her favorite things in CAP are O-Rides and the many opportunities to improve one’s leadership skills, which will help her in a career in aerospace engineering. Outside of CAP, Chief Roberts enjoys robotics, reading, singing, and Jiu Jitsu, and is a Virginia Space Coast Scholar. She is looking forward to seeing everyone at Encampment 2017.

IMG_0115.JPGHealth Services. C/MSgt Paiten Frady 

C/MSgt Paiten Frady is from Prince William Composite Squadron. She is currently a part of their GSA (Great Start Academy), which helps new or joining cadets learn more about the program. She has been apart of the CAP for almost 4 years. Frady goes to West Springfield High School as a sophomore. She greatly enjoys basketball and spending time with her friends. In her free time, she loves to bake any type of cake, drawing and reading. Frady is very excited to go to encampment because of her role as HSO. She is planning for the future in the medical field and is excited to learn more about it through encampment HSO training. She wants to have bright, smiling face everyday at encampment, and be there when cadets reach the many goals that encampment has set out for them. She would like to she every cadet (cadre or student) to have a fun time at encampment, while maintaining safety and health.