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CADRE Packing List

CADRE Packing List
Encampment 2018

All equipment listed in the required sections should be organized neatly by Cadre members.If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please communicate through your chain of command.

All items brought to Encampment should be labeled with last name, first initial and CAPID number:

This allows students to keep track of their own items.

Blues (1 set)

ABUs/BDUs (2 sets – minimum)


1 Summer Blue shirt


2 ABU/BDU shirt with all required patches and tapes


1 Summer Blue slacks


2 ABU/BDU pants


    (slacks only, NO skirts)


1 ABU/BDU cover, USAF style


1 Flight Cap


1 ABU/BDU belt


1 Hat device (for flight cap) w/ backing


1 pr Uniform boots WELL BROKEN IN


2 White t-shirts (v-neck )


1 set Blousing Bands (for ABU/BDU pants)


1 pr uniform shoes (black low quarters)


7-9 BDU/ABU T-shirts


3 pr dress socks, black


9 pr Black Boot Socks


2 Grade Insignia w/ backing




9 pr Liner Socks (black dress socks or women’s knee-high hose may substitute – RECOMMENDED - preventative measure against blisters)


1 set of Shirt Stays (Optional, yet recommended


1 USAF blue belt w/chrome buckle and tip


1 Name Plate w/ backing




1 Ribbon holder w/backing


1 set of awarded ribbons (complete)



Be sure to iron Blues and BDU uniforms prior to arriving at Encampment.

Note: New shoes and boots are not recommended. They should be WELL BROKEN IN to prevent

blisters.  Gel insoles are HIGHLY recommended for boots!



DESCRIPTION: Cadre must bring their own hydration gear to Encampment. This can be a water bottle, camelbak, canteen, or whatever preferred method of carrying water. You must have at least one container to hydrate yourself throughout Encampment, and you may bring additional containers as needed.

VERY IMPORTANT---Keep Reading!

Medical Information

All medical supplies are to be brought in the original container  with the cadet’s

FULL NAME last name, first name, and CAPID written on the container.

Additional Medical Supplies


Tums or Antacid of choice (optional - See Note 2)


1 pkg. - Moleskin padding (NOT FOAM)

1 Container of foot powder

All prescription medications with directions(If applicable)

REQUIRED OTHER EQUIPMENT: Should be labeled with last name, first initial and CAPID number.


Barracks Items


9 sets of underwear


1 Flashlight, with extra batteries (small)


1 pr, gym shoes


2 Bath Towels


5 pr, gym shorts, dark blue or black (see note 1)


2 Wash Cloths(Optional)


6 PT Shirts (only 3 will be provided, bring an additional 6)


1 pr, Shower shoes (Flip flops)


7-9 pr Athletic socks - white


Coat hangers, one per hanging item and two extra (Total # = 8)


1 Rain poncho or jacket


1 Toothbrush and 1 Toothpaste (Travel sized)


1 Swim suit, modest, single piece (optional - would be used in showers)


Eyeglasses or Contacts. Note if bringing contacts please bring extra pairs or a spare set of glasses. (if required)


1 set civilian attire (for travel home)


1 Comb and/or hairbrush (if required)


1 pr OLD gym shoes or boots (could be ruined)


1 Shampoo, small bottle (Travel sized)




1 Deodorant


1 Pocket Spiral Notebook


1 Soap, in waterproof container (Travel sized)

1 12” Ruler

1 Shaving kit (if required)


3 Pens (blue or black) ; 1 Sharpie; 2 Pencils


1 Sewing Kit that contains  blue thread, black thread, white thread, and dark green thread included (optional)


1 Shoe shine kit (polish, brush, rag -Travel sized)

1 set of personal linens (Ft. Pickett will not be providing any)



Additional Items


1 set Gel Insoles (optional but recommended)


9 day supply of all medications


1 set, Leather work gloves


Cough drops or lozenges, large bag (Optional - See Note 2)


Feminine Hygiene products as appropriate


1 Insect repellant, must include DEET



1 Sunscreen, high SPF rating



1 Reusable Water Bottle or Canteen

SUGGESTION: Bringing travel sized items is highly recommended.

(Examples of this would be soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)

A Word About Contraband Items

(Items you should not bring to Encampment 2018)

**All contraband items will be confiscated at check-in. If a cadet’s ride is still present, items will be given to them. If not, items will be held at ENC17 HQ and will be returned upon check-out. Civil Air Patrol and Virginia Wing will not be responsible for any lost contraband during the tenure of Encampment. It is up to the Cadet to ensure contraband is not brought to Encampment.

Contraband Items



Any illegal substances


Energy Drinks

Cadre-specific Items

Snacks (Suggested snacks: granola bars, Cheez-its, Cliff Bars, etc. Do not bring food that is not shelf stable or could melt) Remember these must be kept out of the view of students at all times!

Money for PX Runs and other needs.

Phone (See phone usage document for details)

Phone charger

Pocket knife (Optional)

Febreze (Optional, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Extra uniform pieces - items extra blousing bands, shirt stays, insignia, etc.

CAPM 39-1 approved sunglasses

Extra Hangers



Duct Tape

Pens, pencils, sharpies

Extra notebook

Ziplock bags (gallon and quart size)


Camelbak or other water source (must be at least 2 liters of water) (Cadre will not be issued water containers (Canteens) this year.)

Small backpack to carry gear

Special equipment for team/position. Ex. Laptop and Cameras for PAOs.


Extra work gloves

(1 per Squadron for Students (Designated Line Cadre Members ONLY)

Ironing Board


Note 1 - Must be able to extend their fingers along the outside leg seam and have fabric left between the fingers and knees.

Note 2 - Cadets who wish to bring cough drops, lozenges, Tums, or Antacids to Encampment must indicate so on their individual CAP Form 160. Cadets may not share any nonprescription medication, herbal, vitamin or supplement.

Ref CAPR 160-1:

4-3. Written Permission Required for Minor Cadets. No minor cadet may bring any prescription or nonprescription medications, herbals, vitamins, or supplements to any CAP activity without the written permission of the cadet’s parent or guardian.

Note 3 - Asthma inhalers and/or bee sting ana-kits are to be kept in the left cargo pocket at all times.

Note 4 - Bring hangers for each individual uniform clothing item you bring - plastic hangers are highly recommended. The two extra hangers will be used for the uniform students wear initially to Encampment

Note 5 - You must have a valid current CAP membership card to participate in Encampment. The CAP membership card must be with you at all times for the duration of Encampment.

Note 6 - You must have a completed CAPF 161 with you at all times for the duration of Encampment.

Note 7 - Cadre may bring books if they would like. Any inappropriate reading material will be confiscated.

Note 8 - Service coats, ties, and long sleeve blue shirts are not authorized. The only authorized blues uniform is short sleeve with flight cap. Rank, name-tag, badges, and cords are required. Ribbons are optional but highly encouraged.