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Tips and Tricks

We've asked the Encampment Cadre to share what they wish they would have known at their student encampment. 

Here's what they told us:

Bring cough drops!

Think small. Bring travel sized toiletries instead of full size. 

Ask questions! You're at encampment to learn so take advantage of it. 

Major on the minors. It's the little things that matter at Encampment. If you do well with the little and seemingly insignificant, you will also do well with the larger and more important.

Use common sense when interacting with your Cadre. They're here to help you but they aren't here to babysit you.

Bring pre-moistened towelettes to freshen up when you don't have time to shower. 

Wear your boots before encampment to a) break them in and b) make sure they are the correct fit.

Start exercising for a few minutes each morning the week before. 

Start hydrating now!  

Learn to use your diaphragm in advance. 

Make sure you know how to perform some basic tasks before encampment. Encampment isn't the best place to learn how to shine your boots. 

Start packing a few days before you leave and double check that you've got everything you need before you leave home. 

Remember that the staff isn't tough on you because you are a bad cadet. They want you to be the best that you can be and they expect a high standard. 

To save yourself time, learn drill well enough to pass up to the Achievement 3 drill tes. 

Make sure you're always checking on your wingman. Know if they have a medical problem you'll need to look out for and know when they need help. 

Find out your squadron staff's ranks before hand. (Check out the Meet the Team! section of this website.) 

Make friends! It's incredibly likely that you will be seeing the cadet in your Encampment squadron again at other wing events. It's great to have old friends to reconnect with. 

You don't have to see the end, you just need to see two or three feet in front of you and keep going.